Top Best Augmented Reality Apps Of 2017

It works by superimposing digital content atop of our physical surroundings, thereby enhancing our interaction with our surroundings. But today, this concept has made its way into the real world.Thanks to AR app development, we now have plethora of applications integrated with this technology.But, not all of them are worthy enough to stay in your smartphone. There was a time when applications with augmented Reality (AR) were merely concepts.


To make things easier for you, we have listed the five most popular augmented reality apps which are worth trying.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go can be tagged as the application that made the concept of AR clear to common people.Sure enough, you cannot miss out on an application like this.Its official website now offers safety tips for its users.This marvelous creation of Niantic gained huge popularity.This enticing game enables its users to catch Pokemon in the real world.The camera shows you Pokemon in the real world while the GPS is used to mark your location.The game makes use of GPS and camera.The game is so engrossing that users often forgot to take note of their surroundings.You can have around 150 pocket monsters with you.


Ink Hunter

The application offers you its own designs, but you can also upload and try out your own designs. With a little help from the in-app editor, tattoos appear close to real life.Previously, it provided support for black-and-white tattoos, but after its latest update, it now provides support for colored tattoos too.Though it won't come handy for larger ones, for smaller ones, it gives reasonably good results. Inkhunter is a unique and fun-filled AR app that lets you check out pre-made tattoos.You can orient the tattoos in any position and on any part of the body.


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